5V DC Power Supply Design

In many electronics projects we required a 5V DC supply. This DC supply acts as a battery for the circuit. Now we can buy a DC supply from market. But it is expensive and you need to spend more money on your power supply. Here we are giving a 5V DC supply generation circuit. Input to this circuit is 230 V AC supply and at the output side it gives 5V DC supply.

Circuit Diagram


Here as you can see at the input side there is a transformer. It convert 230 V AC supply into 12 V AC. But this signal is not a DC signal. Hence we have to give the output of transformer to the rectifier. Rectifier converts it into a DC signal. And finally 12 V output is given as the input to the LM7805 IC. LM7805 IC is a voltage regulator IC which gives a 5V DC output. This way we get the output of 5V DC supply. Capacitors used in the circuit are used to generate ripple free DC. These capacitors are called smoothing capacitors Smoothing capacitor is also called Filter capacitor and its function is to convert half wave / full wave output of the rectifier into smooth DC.

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