AVR Control

The Embedded systems are an important domain of Electronics Engineering which includes hardware as well as software. Considering hardware part, AVR family of micro-controllers provide a variety of options to choose from and for software part, programming an AVR is quite easy and straight forward.

The app, AVR Control, is an introductory app for AVR series of micro-controller which discusses the functionality of the controller family theoretically and with the help of simple programs. I've chosen the program to be as simple as possible so that they are very easy to understand.

Every function/ peripheral is discussed as an activity which is divided into four parts, Information, Registers, Circuit and Code. The information part provides basic details for that particular feature which is extended into Registers part where every bit of all the register used by that particular function/peripheral is briefly described. The circuit part discusses the basic connection needed by the i/o devices to be working properly with the controller. In the last section, a list of codes related to the function is shown for proper understanding of the feature.
Every code is explained and wherever possible, the output for the codes is shown through animation.

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