How to create a PCB layout using PCB wizard software

To create a PCB of your electronics project first you need to find out the PCB layout of the project. Here we have given a complete tutorial on how to create a PCB layout for your project. To download the PCB wizard software click on below button.

Follow the step below and your PCB layout is ready. The circuit here we used is an astable multivibrator using 555

1) First open the PCB wizard software.You will find the window like below.

2) Then find the circuit symbol gallery window like this. If you don't find the circuit symbol gallery window then press ctrl + F2. 

3) Select the components from the list and drag them on main window.

4) Now arrange the components according to your circuit diagram. To connect them with wire move the pointer at one end of the component. There you will see a small square block. Click on it and then hold mouse until you reached the other end where you want to connect.

5) After you finished your circuit diagram designing go to TOOLS => CONVERT => Design to Printed Circuit Board. After clicking you will get following window. You can select NO if you want to convert without changing the the parameters. If you select NO and click on next then you will get window as in step 7 directly.

6) If you select YES then you can change the parameters of layout like it's shape, gap ,rotation of components etc. If you select YES and click on Next then then following windows will open in the order given. Click on Next to get the next window.

7) After this you will get this window.

8) Click on convert and you will get PCB layout like this. Now give the print command to print the PCB layout

9) At left hand side there are options for various types of PCB layouts .They will look like follow. The above PCB layout is for Normal type.

Real World




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